A photo of me. Youre not missing much. A photo of me. Youre not missing much.


My name is Christoph Kattmann and I'm an engineer from Germany who currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am Managing Director at BSS, where we build Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems for power transformers with rich web UIs and a powerful Cloud backend.

I am always happy to talk about Python, (Neo-)Vim, DevOps, web technologies, good old Linux tools, mechanical keyboards, gravel cycling, and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance.

Professional Projects


A partial discharge monitoring system we have developed and are continuosly improving at BSS.

BSS Monitoring Cloud

Our data platform which manages VPN connections & displays live and historic data.

BSS Main Website

Our main website. Vue2 SPA, 2 languages, loads in milliseconds.


Powerflow library developed at the University of Stuttgart, used for most results in my Dissertation. Uses ahead-of-time compilation for Python code using numba, and demonstrates various performance optimization techniques.


A high-frequency (1 Megasample x 8 channels) power quality monitoring system with dynamic transient triggers and high-resolution harmonics recording.

Side Projects


Pure Python library for a ModbusTCP server. Extremely simple and fast (enough), threaded, with pluggable data backends, redis support, no external dependencies.


Pure Python library for a ModbusTCP client. Simple, no frills, supports most of the relevant ModbusTCP functions


Python frontend for InfluxDB with a much more sane API than the official client, including convenience functions for common timeranges (today, last week, ...) and support for different timestamp formats.


This website. Minimal, raw HTML, CSS, Web Components and SVG crafted with only the bestest of practices. At least the Yaks won't get cold in our luxurious bike shed.